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moonlight real girls;; — LiveJournal
a pgsm cosplay community;;
All right guys. We need a few more members, ask yur friends.

But now it's time to talk about possible cons.

Name a few!

Here's some ideas.

Anime Boston.

Name more, let's get votes! I am NOT gonna let this die! ;D
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Sorry it took me so long to get really posting anything on my own LJ or looking around, but our Sailor Luna, my beautiful fiancee was here for awhile.

Anyway, welcome Jenny! She's pgsmfreak! Our new Princess Sailor Moon!

And as a reference, here is our up to date character list at the bottom. We need about twelve more characters to fill the whole list but, I mean some we don't really need. I made some character places to give people choices, and you know. If there were more people who wanted to join.

Like, I really really want these following positions filled: Hino Rei's temple uniform, Sailor V, Tuxedo Kamen, Princess Serenity, Endymion, Zoicite, Kunzite, Chiba Mamoru, and Furuhata Motoki WHICH totally must come with a stuffed Kame-kun!

About nine more chars really. And if we get the other few, that's awesome as hell too. But, come on people. Get the word out there, get your friends.. ask people to ask other people. I really would love a filled out group. As well as a welcome page, and reminder for people to be thinking about conventions. I'd like some input preeeeze. Of possible conventions, so input input input! So, give me and the group some thought about possible cons you wanna go to. We're not just going to one and closing the group. Gonna try and hit up a few. Yanno, if you can't make it to one or two blah blah. But yeah, let's get some talk going. And especially lemme know if you know anyone who would be interested in filling characters. But yeah. Con suggestions loved!
Don't forget to say hi and welcome to Jenny too! Either on this post, or her application!

Tsukino Usagi(school uniform): asweetermelody
Mizuno Ami(school uniform): caloris
Hino Rei(temple or school uniform):
Kino Makoto(school uniform): sunseth
Aino Minako(One of her main performance outfits):
Luna, in kid form clothes:

Sailor Moon: usagi_sern
Princess Sailor Moon: pgsmfreak
Sailor Mercury: selphy_kitty
Sailor Mars: rushing_wind
Sailor Jupiter: lady_yunie
Sailor Venus: axelia
Sailor V:
Sailor Luna: myztic_beauty
Tuxedo Kamen:

Princess Serenity:
Queen Beryl: shadowcaitiff
Jadeite: haldir_whore
Nephrite: Blake, which I need his contact info--Kohaku.
Dark Mercury: pamuya

Chiba Mamoru:
Furuhata Motoki:
Osaka Naru: kyuu_shashuno
Tsukino Shingo:
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Full Name: :\ I hate my real name...
Nicknames: Himeno, Caloris, Hoshi, Ami-chan
Age: 10 Feb 1983
Emails: Nothing that I really want to post online where bots could get it. I’ll email it when needed.
Phone numbers: +61 4 etc
Interested character: Ami-chan ^_^
What conventions have you attended in the past:
Supanova Sydney 04
Manifest 04
Animania 04
Anime Detour 05
AniZona 05
SakuraCon 05
Manifest 05
Otakon 06
Anime Evolution 06
AnimeFEST 06
Manifest 06
What costumes have you made, accessories, etc.? ^^;; I haven’t made anything myself. I can’t sew (lots of blood every time I try poor fingers...) Everything I have is second hand or commissioned. I have a few things I want to try to modify/repair at some point, but with the whole red icky ness coving fingers thing from home ed in high school... :eek:
What got you interested in cosplay and Sailor Moon/PGSM in the first place? Sailor Moon... it was love at first sight. November 26 2000. :3
Don’t really know what got me interested in cosplay, but the first time I had a costume was at Animania 04 it was store bought random stuff ^^;;. The first real costume I had was at Otakon.

Don’t have any photos.

2007 conventions...
I’ll be going to Manifest again most likely, and am thinking about getting people to send me to AICon for my Bday, but they are a bit too far for anyone else. (Melbourne, Vic and Hobart, Tas)
North American conventions for next year... I need to see the full listing once more dates are announced, but I’m looking at conventions between and including Anime Expo and Otakon. (If I go to AX, I likely will have to move on before Ota, if I go to Ota, I’ll likely have to leave home after AX)
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Now I know I said I was gonna make those gigantanormous.. yes, I know that is not a word, it's a Tori-ism as I like to call it for everyone and I had made three already. But I changed my mind. I'm gonna make thin bars instead saying I cosplay such and such in Moonlight Real Girls and design them for everyone's user info. It'll take a hella lot faster and will be easier to upload for everyone. And some people might want to put them on their actual layout too since they'll be thin, so no prob. Those of you, those three who still have those big banners. You can still use them if you want, but I would prefer if we were going to have uniformity, that you use the bars. And I will have those posted soon.

We have a pretty good amount of members so far, and I hope you all are checking in on news, updates, new members.. and all that stuffs.

Also, we need to definately advertise. I've been pushing as much as I can but, push in yer LJ's! Push in yer own communities, and if possible, push in your cosplay communities if and ONLY if it is allowed. Don't go breaking any rules.

Now we need more members. In actuality, we're not lacking too many after all.

Needed Characters
Princess Sailor Moon.
Sailor V.
Tuxedo Kamen.
Princess Serenity.
Nephrite -- Now as for Nephrite, Kohaku. I need you to reply to this and let me know if your friend Blake is being him or not, and if so, I need contact information. And if you don't respond to this post I guess it'll prove ya haven't checked up on the comm. But some people don't check comms everyday. But some, not at all. And I've been waiting for info for a while so. Just lemme know, kay hon?
Kunzite. ... yeah yeah, I know I've been BEGGED to cosplay him and Zoi and Jade but I can't be the entire Dark Kingdom!
Mizumo Ami, school uniform.
Hino Rei, temple uniform.
Aino Minako, one of her performance outfits.
Luna, in kid form clothes. And if you don't know what I mean, I'll gladly post a picture.


I'd like people also to start thinking about possible conventions we can debut our group at. It is obviously not complete, and we might debut without a complete set of members, I mean hey. Sometimes that happens in groups. But we won't be debuting for a while. But think about conventions. Reply to this post with a list of ideas of cons for debuting.

Also, along with the userinfo bars with the cosplay information.. many cosplay groups have group icons. Now I was wondering, would everyone like me to make them an icon saying you cosplay whoever it is you cosplay in this group? I figured you all might like that, ne?
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I will put this under a cut, because it is long! ^.~

Oh!~ IMAGE HEAVY!!!!!!

My Application.Collapse )

Current Mood: creative

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Okay guys, we have a lot of members, but we still need more!

We need more villains, more regular coplay school girl outfits or style outfits. And a Sailor Mercury. Talk around, get the word around.

I still need to set up Black Moon Bandiits which is already almost full.

But also for this con? We need to start thinking about next year we want to hit up, that we could make it too.
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All right everyone. We have a new member! Like I said, I'm getting to those info banners when I can. I've just been recovering from the hospital and resting.

But our new member is my friend Stephanie. sunseth. She doesn't have net access all the time. She used to not to because her mom wouldn't let her have her computer to get online when she made her go to Nashville to school for a year. But she's come back to college in Clarksville where I live so she'll have her net back. And she's coming back tomorrow. So, she will be joining the group. Making an introductory post and all that when she gets her comp set up. Or I'll let her post using my comp.

But anyway. She's going to be Kino Makoto. So, when she does post. Welcome her to the group and all because she's sorta new to cosplay, sorta not. But shy and nervous about groups. But I wanna get her more into it, give her more confidence. But trust me guys. She's an absolute sweetheart and you'll love her.
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Okay, userinfo banners are coming slowly but surely along. I've just been too ill to deal with them and Im sure you all understand.

I probably am not going to head to AWA this year because of the surgery and recovery time. Plus, I'll have more money if I attend Sugoicon and see D'espairsray again which is probably the plan.

Are any of you going to Sugoicon?

Oh and also another note. I've always been hardcore into cosplay for years. Whether it was Sailor Moon, other anime, jrock, anything. I've been doing it for years and I'm about to begin another group. For the Black Moon Family with rushing_wind helping me out organizing it. I take so much on my plate at once and promise to do this and that and help with everyone but. If anyone is interested, once the info is up you can always apply to that too.

We need MORE MEMBERS. So. Start talking around, getting the word out about Moonlight Real Girls. You never know who would be interested. We need a lot of their basic outfits still, and we need a Mercury and some more badguys. So please, ge the word out there!
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I asked this in our affiliate Dreamscape Cosplay.

Sorry I missed you guys at Otakon. But.

Is anyone hitting up Anime Weekend Atlanta this year?

MoocherCollapse )

Oh and also. More userinfo banners are coming up soon!

Oh, and PUSHPUSHPUSHPUSH this group! We need more members to fill! I keep getting asked to be Kunzite or Sailor Mercury instead of Jadeite. I'm being tugged in every direction and I'm the founder. x.x;
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Hoi hoi. It's your beloved moderator.

For those of you who know, which. I think all of you do, I never made it to Otakon and got really sick and yeah. I'm home now though, so when I start feeling a bit better, I'll finish those members who have officially joined up, finish their userinfo banners. ^^;

Thanks for all the well wishes guys too. And sorry for those I didn't get to hang with at Otakon. Lots more cons to come though. ;D
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